SHSL Patissier

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Introduction (Awakening)

"M-mon dieu…" Kazuhiko nervously laughed as he raised his head, squinting in the bright sunlight.  He reprimanded himself quietly for dozing on the warm stones of the fountain, but couldn’t help but think a little sun drenched cat-nap was a bit nice.  Stirring himself to action, he managed to rise up and look around.  He dusted himself off,brushing the palms of his delicate, dexterous hands against his sides, and looked wide around.

Adjusting to the intensity of light, he realized he was in the large plaza square of what appeared to be…a theme park.  A brief bolt of joy sprung up in him.  He had awoken this morning going to school…then there was a blur…and then he woke up in a theme park!  Of all things!  Of all wonderful things!  To treat nervous new students to a day in a theme park?  What glorious ingenuity on the part of the staff!  Certainly that was why the park was so empty…it was rented for the express use of the new students.  Maman and Papa had advised him that such extravagances were nothing to the powerful new school he was to attend.

This “Hope’s Peak” was certainly charming in surprising him like this.  Perhaps he had dozed off on the way, and no one had had the heart to wake him.  While he lingered in his mind for a minute on the image of whatever strapping gentleman carried him out, he paused with a glazed, somewhat dreamy expression.  Yet, there were things to do!  Still another student lingered on the steps.  He’d let them lay.  He needed to seek awake company now!  There was no reason to let this glorious day go to any waste.  He skipped off towards the center of the street they were on, out to find his fellow classmates here for the day.